The shoulder is an incredibly flexible and multifaceted ball-and-socket joint in our body. This flexibility is possible because the socket part of the joint is fairly shallow. It requires a cluster of four tendons (which is known as the rotator cuff) to clutch the ball tightly in the socket when you raise and rotate your arms.

The most common injury of the shoulder is the rotator cuff tear, and because of its complexity, shoulder joint surgery is rather complicated, painful, and needs a prolonged rehabilitation period. Stem Cell Therapy for Pain’s stem cell therapy might give you the chance to evade surgery and use stem cells to heal your rotator cuff tear. Shoulder pain is quite common, but the surgery carries serious risks. The cost of the surgery is also comparatively higher. Often times, surgeries fail to restore the mobility and functionality fully.

Amputating shoulder joints and replacing it with artificial shoulder joints (made of metal, plastic, or ceramic) is a complex surgery process with serious side effects that exceed the side effects in any other treatment procedure. Moreover, shoulder replacement surgeries are not known for their 100% success rate, which is why many patients hesitate to try this alternative.

At Stem Cell Therapy for Pain, we have treated thousands of patients with severe shoulder injury/arthritis, making it possible for them to regain their flexibility and mobility without relying on a shoulder replacement surgery.

How Do We Treat Severe Shoulder Arthritis Without Any Joint Replacement Surgery?

Using a precise medical imaging system, we inject amniotic stem cells and growth factors directly into the injured part of the body. This way, we are able to direct adequate natural healing force of the body directly towards the degeneration. By activating your body’s own healing mechanism and eradicating the need for a painful surgery, Stem Cell Therapy for Pain gives hope to patients who are seeking reliable treatment alternatives for conditions like partial rotator cuff tears.

Stem cell therapy can show encouraging results even with severely damaged retracted rotator cuff tears as well. Using your body’s self-healing methods to ease your shoulder pain and treat a rotator cuff tear is an excellent alternative to any surgery.

What Makes You A Good Candidate For Stem Cell Therapy?

If you have encountered a shoulder injury or rotator cuff injury from osteoarthritis, you may be a good candidate for these stem cell procedures. Learn from our educational stem cell seminars, or just give us a call to discuss your condition in detail. Stem cell therapy for shoulders can help you restore your flexibility!