Stem Cell Injections

Stem Cell Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy for Pain

As we grow older, our bodies experience wear and tear from daily activities, sports, and injuries. Sadly, joints and tendons have limited capability to heal themselves and we put them through maximum abuse.

Over the period of time, body joints often suffer from osteoarthritis (OA), which is basically damage of the cartilage. Cartilage is the protective tissue of the joint, when it becomes too thin or begins to erode, the bones experience friction and cause severe pain. Osteoarthritis is commonly occurs in knee joints, since they are overused to a great extent.

Effective Healing With Stem Cell Injections

Amniotic or adult stem cells have the unique ability to transform and mimic other cells in our body. They are found in various tissues and are always alert and ready to repair injuries as and when they occur. In case of serious injuries or age-related degeneration, our body fails to deploy the adequate stem cells to the damaged area to repair it completely. Stem Cell Therapy for Pain’s stem cell injections for knee osteoarthritis helps overcome this by attaining stem cells in high concentrated proportions, and injecting them into the knee to propel natural healing.

Our stem cell joint injections can be used for a wide range of injuries or conditions and are the preferred treatment alternative for osteoarthritis, hip arthritis, and other injuries. We also offer stem cell injections for shoulders to cure shoulder pain and discomfort.

Stem Cell Therapy for Pain is among the leading institutions around the country that offers stem cell therapy to alleviate knee osteoarthritis pain using stem cell injections for knee. Patients can benefit from this unique non-surgical and minimally invasive process and experience a renewed vigor. This treatment specifically uses your body’s natural repair mechanism and growth factors to promote healing.

Stem Cells Treatment: A Recommended Procedure

Stem cell implantation may be recommended for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Typically, patients who did not respond to other treatment options like medications, generic injections and physical therapy. If you want to avoid knee surgeries, then this treatment fits your requirement.

At Stem Cell Therapy for Pain, we focus on effective stem cell therapies that lead to the best possible outcomes for our patients. Each medical specialist in a Stem Cell Therapy for Pain Center is trained to carry out the procedure with unwavering skill and adeptness. Trust us to set you on the road to recovery, get in touch today!